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Mike Tarter

Mike Tarter escaped from Kansas at a very young age and has lived in New Mexico ever since. He and his family moved to Corrales from the south valley of Bernalillo County about 15 years ago. Mike comes from a family of artists and peacekeepers. During his 34 year police career one of Mike’s assignments was bomb squad commander for the Albuquerque Police Department. He needed to do something that would take his mind off his work. He found that working with ceramic clay was the only thing that cleared his head. Mike had to concentrate on what he was doing or he would destroy the piece he was working on. Sort of like working on an improvised explosive devises except with clay you can start over. Over the years Mike has learned different aspects in clay ceramics. He makes some of his own slips, under-glazes, templates and clay figures. Using the horsehair technique of burning the hair into the clay, Mike has experimented with different processes to create a one of a kind art. Recently, Mike has begun work on a clay canvas horsehair fired tile mural that can be framed or open with various designs. He is also burning feathers, leaves and other items into his clay pieces. Mike is also fusing and slumping glass using horsehair for its gaseous effect. Currently you can find Mike’s work is at the Village Mercantile in Corrales, the Sumner & Dene gallery in Albuquerque and the Merriman Equine Hospital in Algodones.

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Horse Hair Pot

Moon Top Pot
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